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The Departments of Central Receiving offers on-campus secure destruction of sensitive documents through our Shredding Services department.  All CSU departments located on the Fort Collins campus can feel confident that their documents are handled in a secure manner.  We shred to a Level P-3 (HIPPA/FACTA/FERPA) compliance, which satisfies federal, state, and Colorado State University document destruction policies and practices.  Services include one-time pickups and regularly scheduled destruction services of both paper and CDs/DVDs.

Operating Hours

Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:00pm

200 West Lake Street

6011 Campus Delivery

Central Receiving Building

Shredding Services offers regularly scheduled pickups and multiple shredding container options!

Services We Offer

Scheduled Recurring Shred Service

The Departments of Central Receiving offers a Scheduled Recurring Shred Service.  Our basic service includes monthly recurring pickups with FREE use of one of our secure containers.  If your demand changes and you need more frequent pick-ups we can schedule that as well.  Recurring Scheduled Pickups require at least one pick up per month where we ensure proper handling of your confidential documents from pickup to destruction.  If your needs are less, we suggest scheduling an On-Demand Shredding Pickup.


On-Demand Service

Don’t have enough volume for a regularly scheduled service?  Need a one-time clean out or a yearly purge of records?  On-Demand Shredding Pickups are a great option for shredding based on your demands on an as-needed basis.  Central Receiving can pick up your boxes or even provide a large secure cart (for up to one month) for your confidential documents ensuring the proper handling from pickup to destruction.  All shred materials must be ADA accessible once ready for pickup.


In order to facilitate your shredding with ease, we have a variety of secured containers for your department.  From large, two wheel carts in 32g, 65g, and 95g, to aesthetically pleasing consoles (recurring service only).  All containers are provided free of charge with the Scheduled Recurring Shred Service pickups or if your service needs are less frequent containers are available for monthly rental or purchase.


We do ask that all On Demand Shred Orders that require a Secure Rolling Container are returned to Central Receiving within 4 weeks of the delivery date to your department. This policy ensures that we have ample inventory for the University as a whole.

CD/DVD/VHS Destruction

Not only do we shred paper, but we can also shred various data containing media like CDs, DVDs, VHS Tapes and X-rays.  Schedule this service using the On-Demand Shredding Pickup Order Request.  If you are in need of hard drive destruction, please contact Surplus Property who can facilitate the destruction of your hard drive(s).  Please ensure that all packaging is removed and that you are only submitting the physical CD, DVD, or VHS itself.


If you are submitting an order for document destruction, and not specifically for CDs/DVD, those shred bins and boxes being submitted to Shredding Services for document destruction need to be void of all metal, media, rubber, plastic, or recyclable materials of any kind. This would include rubber bands, binder clips, CDs, paper clips, various forms of plastic, or documentation not containing sensitive materials that otherwise could be recycled. Staples are allowed. Additional charges may apply for shred materials that contain trash. Please ensure all shred materials are ADA accessible when ready for pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

There is a minimum order amount of one banker's box or shred bag worth of paper.  There is no maximum order amount.

How do I pay for Shredding Services?

In your order request, a Kuali account number is required.  This Kuali account number will be billed directly when your order is completed.

How do I know my documents are secure once they leave my department?

Your documents are picked up by our staff and secured in our vehicles under lock and key and are delivered directly to the Shredding Services secure facility for destruction.  Our facility is monitored 24/7/365 by perimeter alarm and a state of the art video surveillance system.

How soon can I expect my documents to be picked up after submitting an order?

Once your order is finalized, your documents can be expected to be picked up within 5 business days.

Do I have to do anything to prepare my documents for destruction?

It is appreciated if all rubber bands, binder clips, CDs, paper clips, various forms of plastic, or documentation not containing sensitive materials that otherwise could be recycled are removed from your documents in order to sustain the longevity of our shredder.