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Lab Alcohol dispensing is available to walk-in customers from CSU Departments at the Receiving Desk in the Central Receiving Building on the main campus Monday-Friday from 1:00pm-4:00pm.  No Lab Alcohol is dispensed on the last working day of each month.

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Lab Alcohol Services dispenses lab grade alcohol (ethanol) in 200 proof and 190 proof.  A Kuali IO is required, and a Tax Free Affidavit must be completed and attached.  Please review all information below for the process and filling information.  If at any time you have questions about this process, please call the Receiving Desk at (970) 491-1595 or e-mail receiving@colostate.edu.



Sold in 5 Gallon Increments Only

200 Proof = $60.00 (5 Gallons)

190 Proof = $60.00 (5 Gallons)



Sold in Case Quantity of 24 Only

200 Proof = $65.00 (24 Pints)



Approved 5 Gallon Carboy = $125.00 each


Delivery & Handling Fee

$5 Per Item Delivered (Each Case and Each Carboy)

Same Day Service is $10 Per Item Delivered (Each Case and Each Carboy)



All Internal Orders must be filled out correctly for quantity, type and pricing. Lab alcohol will not be dispensed until IOs are received with correct pricing, extensions and an approved container. Carboys must be on a separate IO from lab alcohol orders.

Pick-up & Delivery Services Available

Did you know that Shipping & Receiving can take care of your lab alcohol pick up and delivery needs? Customers can now leave their approved containers (carboys) in designated Shipping & Receiving locations in each department with their Internal Order Document, Tax Free Affidavit and barcode label enclosed in the pouch provided by Central Receiving identifying it as ready for pick up (see example). The containers will be picked up, barcode labels scanned, and carboy returned to Shipping & Receiving to be filled.  Filled lab alcohol containers will be returned to the same location before close of business the following day. Date, time, and location will be recorded as labels are scanned upon delivery. There will be a $5.00 handling fee per container for this service (this will be charged to the Kuali account number on the IO by Central Receiving - DO NOT ADD THIS TO THE IO.)


Same Day service is available for a $10 per container service fee. Request for Same Day service must be received by Central Receiving no later than 10:00 AM. Please call the Receiving Desk at 491-1595 to schedule Same Day service.

Internal Orders

All IOs for lab alcohol must indicate type of lab alcohol requested (200 proof or 190 proof). Requests for lab alcohol showing any other designation will be rejected in Kuali. When filling out the IO, you must show number of gallons (5), unit price ($12.00 per gallon, at present), total price and type (190 proof or 200 proof) requested. IOs must be available in Kuali at the time of purchase. IOs not active in the system will not be filled.  Please click hide on all lines except the items line before printing IOs.

Tax Free Affidavit

IOs for lab alcohol must be accompanied by a Tax Free affidavit with the name of the responsible party making application, signed by the department’s authorized controller.


Lab alcohol will only be dispensed in 5 gallon increments and only in approved containers issued by Central Receiving. The only exceptions will be for those departments approved to order pints or barrels. Departments can only be issued 5 gallons of any type of lab alcohol per day. Example: 5 gallons 190 proof, 5 gallons of 200 proof or 5 gallons of each.


Only those containers issued by Central Receiving will be filled with the type of lab alcohol listed on the container. Carboy container purchases must be on a separate Internal Order from lab alcohol requests.

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