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Surplus Property Forms



EACR Processing Times

Please understand that the EACR form must proceed through an approval process and this will take time. All forms are processed and pickups are scheduled in the order the EACR's are received.  During peak times it may take several weeks before items can be picked up.  Please ensure that high theft items such as computers/laptops and monitors are not left in hallways for pickup.  Surplus Property is not responsible for items missing prior to pickup.

  If you have questions regarding your EACR, click here to send us an EACR Inquiry Request.  We thank you for your patience.



Form Name
Form Description
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Equipment Accountability Change Request Form


Completed EACR Forms Must be Sent to Property Management for Approval

DO NOT Send EACR Forms Directly to Surplus Property as They Will Be Returned

NON-CAPTIAL Assets Only!


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EACR Instructions
Instructions on How to Complete an EACR Form Properly Detailed instructions on how to properly complete an EACR, and the process in which it must follow. Download Icon
Refrigerator, Freezer, & Laboratory Equipment Declaration Form This form is required for any Refrigerator, Freezer, or Laboratory Equipment that has been in contact with chemical, biological, or radioactive material.  Download Icon

Capital Assets

Instructions on transferring Capital Assets to Surplus Property All Capital Assets must be transferred to Surplus Property via Kuali and may not be included on an EACR form.  Download Icon
Section 53 Rules

Purchasing Manual Section PM-53

Surplus Property Rules and Regulations

Describes Rules and Regulations pertaining to the disposition of Surplus Property at CSU
 In Process
Items Not Allowed
EHS List of Items That May Not Be Sent to Surplus Property Items such as Liquids, Toxic, Radioactive, Biological, Unknown, Asbestos, Lead Painted, Sharps, etc. may not be sent to Surplus Property.  See list for full details. Download Icon
Please Note:  All Forms Are in PDF Format. 
Please update to the latest version of Adobe Reader for forms to work properly.


Surplus Disposal Process Graphic


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