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The Surplus Property Renovation is Complete!

Page Updated 2/4/2019

Remodel is Complete!!

Our remodel is finally complete!  This interior enhancement has resulted in new office space for staff, a dedicated open concept customer service counter, new interior wall coverings, new paint, upgraded technology, dedicated item processing areas, a new front entry door, new lighting, updated HVAC, new security features, and soon to arrive new shelving units!  Come see our new and improved space!


Swapping Sides - We're in our new space!  Great progress!!

The remodel has progressed to the point that we have moved into our newly remodeled customer service space and west side of our building!  New offices and a new entryway are great additions to our new space!  Come check us out!  WE'RE OPEN!

The Remodel Begins!

Below you can see the remodel has begun!  First thing you will notice is our front door has moved to the East, where our Garage Door used to be!  Enter here to visit our temporary setup.  We will be open normal hours during our remodel, so come on by!


11-7-2018 - The walls are up!

Before the Remodel & Prepping for the Remodel

We are excited to be upgrading our space to better serve our customers.  Our new space will include a brand new customer entry and customer service counter!  As we prepare for this renovation, you will see much of our stock is now moving around.  During the remodel, we will be moving our store to operate temporarily on the east side of the building while the west side is demolished and rebuilt.  Furniture is temporarily located in a secondary location, and requires a short walk to see.  Please watch for signage and always feel free to ask an associate for help at any time.  We are also having sales to clear out our inventory.  Check out our home page to see what our current sales & discounts are!  We thank you for your patience during our remodel!