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Why should I buy boxes from the Shipping Desk instead of somewhere else?


Certain containers and boxes used for shipping on campus vary in size and quality, and are sometimes not constructed of materials that are safe or sturdy enough for shipping.  Also, shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL) have special requirements if you are insuring your package for shipment. 


What are the prices for boxes and shipping materials?


Description Cost

Small Box (up to 10" cubed)

$3.00 Each
Medium Box (up to 16" cubed) $4.75 Each
Large Box (up to 26" cubed) $7.00 Each
Extra Large Box (up to 33" cubed) $17.00 Each
Peanuts $2.50 Per Cubic Foot
Bubble Wrap - 12" Wide $0.25 Per Lineal Foot
Bubble Wrap - 16" Wide $0.50 Per Lineal Foot
Gel Packs (Ice Packs) $1.00 Each
Standard Insulated Boxes $40-$43 Depending on Size
Saf-T-Pak Insulated Boxes $33-$64 Depending on Size
Dry Ice Shipper $75.00 Each
Insta-Pak $3.10-5.20 Depending on Size
Shockwatch Label $5.00 Each
Labor - Standard Packaging $5.00 Per Box
Labor - Custom Packaging $45.00 Per Hour
Labor - Specialty Design / Crating Call For Quote
*  All prices are subject to change without notice.  For a quote with current pricing, please complete a Quote Request below. *   


Will you pack my items for me?



We offer several services to pack your items for your department. Having the Shipping Desk pack your items helps ensure proper packaging and labeling, secure handling, proper documentation and customs paperwork assistance, and in most cases same day shipping.


Do you offer crating, equipment banding, or skid mounting?



These services are provided for an hourly service fee.  Please see above for costs.


Where can I get the boxes and shipping supplies?


We are located at 200 W. Lake Street, in the Central Receiving building on the South East side of the Main Campus. 

We are open for walk-ins Monday - Friday 7:30am to Noon and 1:00pm to 4:00pm. 


How do I get a quote?


You can call the Shipping Desk at 491-5347, or you can fill out our online Quote Request form.

Quote Request Button


How do I pay for these products and services?


Simply bring your CSU ID and a Kuali Account Number for internal department billing.  We do not accept PCARDS, or purchases for personal use at this time.


If I have questions, who do I contact?


Contact the Shipping Desk

Phone:         491-5347

Fax:              491-2238


In Person:    200 W. Lake Street, Central Receiving Building, Main Campus


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