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International Shipping

International Shipping comes with many special regulations and requirements.  Below are some forms that may need to be completed depending on the items that you are shipping and the country you are shipping to.  If you have any questions on what is required for your particular shipment, please contact the Shipping Desk at 491-5347 or by e-mail at


  • International Invoice OVER $2500 - Value of any Individual Item is Over $2500 (pdf)
  • International Invoice UNDER $2500 -Value Where No Single Item is $2500 or Greater (pdf)
  • Schedule B Commodities Description Numbers
  • UPS TradeAbility International Tools - Click HERE For More Information
  • International forms may require a Commodities Description Number. Use the Schedule B Commodities Description Numbers link above to get this number, so that you may complete your International Customs Invoice! (Invoices where any item is $2500 or greater may require a number.)



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