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Shipping & Receiving is the main point of entry and departure for parcels and freight at CSU.  We also offer packing services and supplies, and Lab Alcohol sales.
Central Receiving Building


How can I get updates on what is going on with Shipping & Receiving?


Subscribe to our e-mail list!  We will send out periodic updates on everything from rate updates, new services, changes in procedure, and upcoming closures.  You can change your preferences at any time!  You can also subscribe to Mail Services e-mails from the same page.


Receiving - Packages and Freight Coming to the University


Receiving accepts and distributes all parcels from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Truck Freight that is shipped to CSU departments.  We are located at 200 W. Lake Street on the Main Campus (Map). Our Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm (Excluding Major Holidays). 

Phone 491-1595   
|   Fax  491-5012   |   E-mail

Are you expecting a package?  All overnight or priority parcels (boxes/envelopes/tubes) are received directly from the major carriers in the morning and are typically delivered to the departments by noon.  All other parcels and freight (excluding large equipment) is usually delivered within 24-48 hours depending on volume.  Need us to hold an item so you can pick it up in person? 


Hold Redirect or Refusal Button
Click this button to request that your package be held for pickup, re-directed to a different delivery location, or request that we refuse the package upon arrival. *This is not to be used to request package pickup or to ship a package.*
Track Package Button

Click this button to track your package after it has been delivered to Central Receiving by FedEx, UPS, USPS, or DHL.


Shipping - Packages and Freight Leaving the University


Shipping sends out all UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Truck Freight that is leaving CSU departments.  We are located at 200 W. Lake Street on the Main Campus (Map). Our Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm (Excluding Major Holidays). 

Phone 491-5347  
Fax  491-2238  |   E-mail



Pre-Ship Your Package Using iShip!

Check Prices, Get Tracking Numbers, View Final Costs, and more! 

If you are shipping UPS or FedEx, please login by clicking the button above.

The deadline for your package to be sent the same day is 3:00pm Monday - Friday. 

All packages received after 3:00pm may be sent out the next business day. 

Large quantities should be received by noon for same day processing.  Please plan ahead for this!


We Sell Boxes Button

Packing & Crating Services

The Shipping Desk offers a multitude of packing and crating supplies and services.  Just need a box, tape, packing peanuts or bubbles?  Come on by!  Please bring a Kuali Account number with you for billing purposes.


Hazmat Button

Dangerous Goods Shipping (Hazardous Materials)

All Dangerous Goods being shipped must have a declaration that is completed in person at the Shipping Desk.  Click the button for more information.


Prepaid Shipping Button

Return/Pre-Paid Shipments to CSU

Need someone to send you a FedEx or UPS package and have your department pay for it? Click the button to get started.  (This is only for packages coming to CSU.  To send a package to someone please use iShip by clicking the button above.)



Campus Delivery Codes - What Are They?


All departments on campus are given a four digit Campus Delivery Code.  This code should be included in the address that you give your vendor or shipper to ensure proper and quick delivery of your packages.  Below shows how you should have your packages addressed.  This includes your Name, Department, Campus Delivery Number, 200 W. Lake Street, and the City, State, and Zip (80523 is the Campus Zip Code).  Include your Delivery Code as the last four digits of the Zip Code (also known as a "plus four").

Delivery Code Image
Don't know your Campus Delivery Code?
Click Here to Find Your Campus Delivery Code



Lab Grade Alcohol Dispensing


Shipping & Receiving can take care of your lab alcohol pick up and delivery needs!  Walk-ins are welcome Monday - Friday 1:00pm to 4:00pm with a completed Kuali IO and Tax Free Affidavit.  Pickup and Delivery orders are also welcome.  For more information click Lab Alcohol Services.


Personal Packages - Receiving and Shipping


Can I receive personal packages not paid for with University funds at CSU?

Following State Law and University guidelines, the University will not deliver personal packages received at Central Receiving.  Packages that are obviously personal purchases will be held at Central Receiving for pickup by recipient.  As University business allows, notification will be attempted to the individual listed on the package label up to three times before the package is returned to sender as undeliverable.  Hold requests may be made via the button above.  The holding of packages is for intermittent packages only, and shall not be relied on as a usual service or benefit provided by Central Receiving.  All packages are held at the discretion of the Shipping & Receiving Manager, and CSU assumes no liability for personal packages received by Central Receiving.

Can I ship personal packages not paid for with University funds at CSU?

Following State Law and University guidelines, the University is not able to process personal packages for shipment.  If your personal package has a pre-paid shipping label affixed to it, you may drop the package off at the Shipping Desk prior to 3:00pm for pickup by FedEx or UPS.  Personal packages at Central Receiving drop points will not be picked up. The allowance of personal package drop-offs is at the discretion of the Shipping & Receiving Manager and shall not be relied on as a benefit provided by Central Receiving. CSU assumes no liability for personal packages dropped off or picked up by Central Receiving.


Courier Service


Need to send something quickly?  Shipping & Receiving provides a same day Courier Service for CSU Departments and Affiliates.  To place an order please call the Shipping Desk at 491-5347 before 11:00am.  A Kuali Account number and Campus Delivery Code must be provided for billing purposes.  For more information click Courier Service.



Watch a short video on the Shipping & Receiving department here at CSU



How do I get to Shipping & Receiving?


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