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USPS Customs Forms & Information


Due to the changing landscape regarding appropriate forms for USPS Customs, please use the button below to fill out your Customs Form online directly with the USPS.


If you have questions regarding customs forms are currently accepted
by Mail Services, please contact us at (970) 491-6529.





The information listed below is for information & reference use only and should be verified by visiting to obtain current information regarding Customs requirements.


Instructions for Preparation of PS Form 2976-A White Form

Order Form 2976-A

Customs Page

The sending department must complete PS Form 2976-A, Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note - CP 72 (white form). Print in English and press hard, as this is a multi-part form.

a. Enter the sender's full name and address and the addressee's full name and address in the blocks indicated.

b. Sender’s Customs, Importer’s Reference and SDR Value can be left blank.  If you are insuring your item, please enter the insured amount in US dollars and a bold “V” in the Insured Number space.  Please note, all insured packages to international destinations must be sent via Priority Mail International.  Please call Mail Service to ensure your destination country will accept insured mail items.

c. In block (1), provide a detailed description, in English, of each article. General descriptions such as "food," "medicine," "gifts," or "clothing" are not acceptable. If you are shipping documents, you enter “Educational Materials” or “Business Papers” for the description. In addition to the English text, a translation in another language is permitted. If there is insufficient space on the form to list all contents, use a second form (and subsequent forms, if necessary) to continue listing the contents and indicate on the first form that the contents are continued on a subsequent form(s). Place the form(s) into PS Form 2976-E (plastic envelope).

d. In block (2), enter the quantity of each article.

e. In block (3), enter the net weight of each article in pounds and ounces, if known.

f. In block (4), enter the total weight of the package in pounds and ounces, if known. Mail Service will complete block 4 if the total weight is not know.

g. In blocks (5) and (6), enter the value for each article and the total in U.S. dollars. If no value, enter NCV or Zero.

Note: The sender may declare that the contents have no value. However, declaring that the contents have no value does not exempt an item from customs examination or charges in the destination country.

h. Blocks (7) and (8) are to be completed only when sending commercial items (i.e., any goods exported/imported in the course of a business transaction whether or not they are sold for money or exchanged). This will be left blank in most cases.

i. Block (9) will be completed by Mail Service.

j. In block (10), check the appropriate box for type of service.

k. In block (11), check the appropriate box to indicate whether the package contains a gift, documents, commercial samples, or other items.

l. In block (12), provide details if the contents are subject to quarantine (plant, food products, etc.) or other restrictions. Please call Mail Service at 491-6529 for specific restrictions to the country of destination.

m. Complete blocks (13), (14), and (15) only if the item is accompanied by a license, certificate, or an invoice. This will be left blank in most cases.

n. In block (16), sign and date the form. The sender's signature certifies that all entries are correct and that the item contains no dangerous article prohibited by postal or customs regulations.

o. In block (17), provide disposal instructions in the event that a package cannot be delivered. Check the appropriate box to indicate whether the parcel is to be returned, treated as abandoned, or forwarded to an alternate address. Undeliverable parcels returned to the sender are, upon delivery, subject to collection of return postage and any other charges assessed by the foreign postal authorities. If unwilling to pay return postage, check the box "Treat as Abandoned."

p. Affix PS Form 2976-A according to the class of mail, as follows:

(1) For parcel post complete PS Form 2976-A and place the form set inside PS Form 2976-E (plastic envelope) and affix it to the outside of the package.
(2) For a letter-post item valued at $400 or more, or if you do not want to list the contents on the outside wrapper of a letter-post item, affix the upper portion of PS Form 2976 (green label) (cut on dotted line and discard the lower portion) to the address side of the package, complete PS Form 2976-A, and enclose the form set inside the package.

q. Present the item for mailing.

USPS Form CP72

MS Word Version of these Instructions

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