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Postage Accounting Form

Postage Accounting Form Placement For Letters
Postage Accounting Form Placement For Flats

Mail Distribution processes thousands of outgoing mail pieces each day.  All mail must be pre-printed with an account number barcode, or be banded together with a Postage Accounting Form in order have postage applied to your mail.



Important Information - Please Read!


This form is for United States Postal Service (USPS) mailings only!  If you are wanting to ship a package/envelope via UPS or FedEx please visit Shipping & Receiving.


  • For all packages, please use Transtream

  • Outgoing mail must be bundled together with a rubber band and have the appropriate Postage Accounting Form attached.  (Mail Services provides free recycled rubber bands on request.)

  • Outgoing mail must be bundled with the addresses facing the same direction and international mail must be separated from domestic items.  Letter-sized mail must be separated into hand-written and type-written.

  • Please bundle the letters and flats separately.  Letters and flats may be in the same bundle if you have only a few pieces for the same account.

  • Large quantities of mail that cannot be secured by a rubber band may be placed in a mail tub or tray with the Postage Accounting form on the top piece (please attach with tape).  Trays and tubs are available by calling Mail Services at 491-6529.

  • Letter-size mail that needs to be sealed should be bundled separately.  Manila envelopes and over-stuffed envelopes should be sealed prior to pickup by Mail Services.

  • All outgoing mail must be comprised of Colorado State University business only and must bear a complete Colorado State University department code return address.

  • Contact Mail Services at 491-6529 with questions or to order supplies.


Mail Services processes thousands of pieces of outgoing mail each day. In this process hundreds of account numbers must be manually entered into our postage accounting software for chargeback to the correct department. All outgoing mail submitted to Mail Service for postage application must be accompanied by a barcoded account number. Departments are encouraged to preprint all stationary with the barcoded account information to the left of the return address. Departments that regularly charge multiple accounts for postage should order envelopes accordingly. This change will not apply to mailings sent at non-profit or presorted standard rates. Departments can request the barcode be printed on envelopes when ordering from Creative Services.


Because we realize that this option will not be feasible for some departments or for special projects where ordering specific stationary would not be cost effective, we have created a Postage Accounting Form that departments may utilize to print barcoded account information and attach to the outgoing mail.


To facilitate the processing of mail received from departments, mail must be submitted in separate bundles: foreign, domestic, and mail with prepaid postage. Mail must be bundled with the addresses facing the same direction and outgoing mail must be separated by account number. Large quantities of mail that cannot be secured by a rubber band or paper clip may be placed in a mail tub or tray with the charge slip on the top piece (please secure mail output sheet to top piece of mail).


Mail Distribution strives to provide the campus with the highest levels of customer service, and we feel that this process will improve the level of service we provide. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this procedure.