COVID-19 Impact to the Departments of Central Receiving

International Shipping

Special Note: With the launch of Transtream, all customs documentation (Commercial Invoices) will be automatically generated. electronically signed, & printed at the Shipping Desk for UPS, FedEx, & DHL shipments created in Transtream.


Export Control Shipment ID #'s are still required.


USPS shipments created in Transtream still require USPS forms to be filled out on

Due to the U.S. federal restrictions on exports and shipping to certain destinations, before shipping internationally we must take a few precautions.  For your protection and that of the University, please complete the Kuali online form here before routing your shipment to the Shipping Department.  For questions about this form, please contact the University's Export Control Administrator at or visit their website.


If you have questions regarding what form is required for your international shipment, please contact us at (970) 491-5347 or send an e-mail to

Before shipping internationally, please visit the CSU Export Control website for further information.

International Shipping Checklist

Complete this Kuali form before bringing your International Shipment to the Shipping Department

UPS Canada Customs Invoice

For shipments to Canada.

International Invoice
UNDER $2500

Use this form when the value of no single item is $2500 or greater.

International Invoice
OVER $2500

Use this form when the value of any individual item is over $2500.

Schedule B Commodities Description Numbers

International forms may require a Commodities Description Number (CDN).  Use this link to obtain this number.

UPS TradeAbility Tool

Use this tool to estimate landed cost, find harmonized codes, detect export licenses, screen for denied parties, and check import compliance.