COVID-19 Impact to the Departments of Central Receiving

All departments on campus are assigned a four digit Campus Delivery Code.  This code should be included in the address that you give your vendor/sender/shipper to ensure proper and quick delivery of your mail and packages.


The below graphic shows how you should address your mail and packages.  This includes your Name, Department, Campus Delivery Number, 200 W. Lake Street, and the City, State, and Zip Code.


200 W. Lake Street is the master address for the entire campus.  Please do not replace this with your building specific address (such as 101 Glover, or 555 S. Howes).

All mail is delivered by Campus Delivery Code, not by your building location.  Update your campus delivery code to ensure proper mail delivery.


Include your Delivery Code as the last four digits of the Zip Code (also known as a "plus four").

Campus Delivery Label Example

Campus Zip Code is 80523

Zip +4 is 80523-xxxx

xxxx = Your Campus Delivery Code

Your campus delivery code may NOT correspond to your Kuali Department Number!


Please confirm your campus delivery code by reviewing the table listed below.  If your department is not listed, please contact Mail Services at 491-6529.


For residence hall addresses and zip codes, please contact University Housing.




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