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Bicycle Storage

Leaving campus for winter or summer break or studying abroad?  Need a safe place to store your bicycle so you don't have to leave it out in the elements for months on end?  We can help!


In conjunction with Warehouse Services, The Spoke offers secure Bicycle Storage for CSU students!

I want to store my bike!

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How does this work?

Click the button above to get started with your Bicycle Storage request.  We will contact you directly to confirm your details and arrange for you to drop off your bike at The Spoke to be transferred to our secure Warehouse Services facility.


Where is my bike stored?

Your bike will be stored in our secured, limited access, climate controlled, Warehouse Services facility located in northeast Fort Collins.


How do I get my bike back when I come back to campus?

In your request, you will pick from available pickup dates.  We will be sure to have your bike retrieved from our Warehouse Services facility and ready for pickup at The Spoke on your selected pickup date.  You can always contact us with any changes you need to make.


What is the cost for this service?

Standard Winter Storage - $30.00

Winter Storage + Basic Bicycle Tune - $60.00


Standard Summer Storage - $30.00

Standard Summer Storage + Basic Bicycle Tune - $60.00


Study Abroad Storage - Ask for Quote


How do I pay for this service?

Once your request is submitted, you will need to pay in person at The Spoke.  We accept cash, all major credit cards, and RAMCash!